About Athworth

Founded in 2017, Athworth has been providing end to end financial service across sectors.

The major service domain of company lies in Private equity and Credit financing. Athworth has an extensive network in the field nationally and internationally. Our major expertise lies in preparing valuation and business assessment report of the enterprise seeking funds and matching it consequently with potential investors across globe looking to invest in specific sectors and innovative business ideas.

The Athworth management team has been in the industry for over 15 years, long before the foundation stone for the company was laid. The team has seen all ups and downs associated with Indian and global stock market, the economic depressions, the market boom, and the associated bubble burst. This vital experience and wisdom of several years has enabled us to serve HNI base looking to build a healthy portfolio among quality stocks.

Over the years, the team realized that apart from services that required some discrete set of skills, the clients also need to fulfill the annual mandatory tax filing and business sompliances. Keeping this in view, Athworth over the years now has been providing a one stop solution to HNI’s for all related dynamic and static financial needs.