Personalised Equity Service

Why you must have sufficient Equity?

Equity is the transparent way of investing in the economy with very low liquidity issues compared to many other assets. More importantly looking at history, we can be sure that as  a nation progresses from developing to developed stature, the average market interest rate keeps falling. Consequently, as more and more investors become aware of the economy and finance, there is  a natural inclination to invest into stock market leading to a boom in long run.

Why choose Us?

We consider risk at priority. Very few among us including professional portfolio managers, investors, and traders understand the risk factors in true sense. Most of traditional investors focuses on return, not able to visualise the hidden risk. Keeping emotions out of picture, our team constantly strives to provide the most efficient Risk Management service so that your portfolio at all times provide a healthy risk-adjusted return.

Equity Portfolio Strategy

Strategy developers shall consist of financial experts in industry including financial engineers, computer scientists, risk managers having international standard, exposure and experience at various leading banks, and financial instutions.

Advanced quantitative, fundamental and technical concepts using latest computer science technologies.

Fund holders will specify their desired risk level capacity, accordingly stocks will be selected and monitored time to time.

Buying set of quality stocks in the portfolio to create long term wealth.

Existing portfolio (if there already) will be freshly reshuffled as required and do the right allocation with entering new stocks and exiting bad ones.

Situational update in portfolio as per changing market scenario

Allocation percentage in the stocks will be timely updated for a well diversified and structured portfolio.


The expected Return shall vary according to an investor’s risk taking ability and the investment time horizon. More risk takers shall have more expected return.

Prudent Money Management techniques and Advanced structuring of portfolio from Risk Management point of view.

Hedging of portfolio if situation demands

*All Equity services provided are via Kotak Securities demat platform.