Athworth Business Model

Despite growing macroeconomic and political uncertainty across global markets in recent times, the private equity and Credit industry continues to make and sell investments, raise capital and generate relatively strong returns. Athworth having an extensive financing network in national and international market  carries a rich legacy of providing a platform for OTC deals across globe. 

Preparing an authentic equity and debt valuation of the enterprise seeking funds remain our prime task.  An exhaustive business assessment considering the current EBITDA, net income, revenue and future free cash flow projections is carried out to evaluate an attractive investment value for the both the counterparties we arrange and cater to.

Financing stages we serve in

The focus here remains on helping innovative companies that are still in the process of being formed. Funds may be used to transform the idea into a business plan and to access market potential. Seed capital generally supports product development and/ or marketing efforts, including market research. Early stage financing may be provided to initiate commercial production and sales. This point is generally the first stage at which we work upon our base of Venture Capitalists and HNI individuals that might be interested in taking a stake as per our valuation report for the company.

Later stage financing (expansion Venture Capital) is provided after commercial production and sales have begun but before any IPO. Funds may be used for initial expansion of a company already producing and selling a product or for major expansion, such as physical plant expansion, product improvement, or a major market campaign.

A third stage financing, Mezzaninee capital is provided to prepare a company to go public. It represents the bridge financing needed to fund  a private firm until it can complete an IPO. Mezzanine venture capital shall too be arranged for major expansion, or for aggressive marketing of company’s service for awareness and adoption. 

Athworth Financing network across globe

A private equity firm launches private equity funds which are large pools of private capital used to invest in companies. In a typical buyout: the private equity fund seeks out opportunities to invest its capital. The firm will typically buyout shares of the company–often using leverage as well as the private capital from it’s pool money.

Athworth shall supply it’s due diligence and enterprise valuation report to the buyout firms, looking to hold a stake in innovative companies across sectors.

Venture capital firms are typically private partnerships funded by pension and endowment funds, corporations, venture capitalists, and largely wealthy individuals. The venture capital firm opens a fund, pooling money from investors to expand smaller companies. The purpose is to profit from the company’s future success.

Athworth shall supply business assessment report of promising startup and smaller companies to renowned venture capitalists to  invest the fund’s money in.

An angel investor is a wealthy individual who provides capital to an expanding small business. An angel investor typically invests his own private money, unlike collective venture capital funds. The angel invests in the startup process and has a personal stake in the company’s success. 

Athworth shall facilitate an attractive counterparty deal with apt private equity placement and credit financing.

Mezzanine financing refers to a combination of debt and equity financing. Mezzanine financing is typically used by expanding companies that need money but don’t want to go public and risk losing ownership of the company. Mezzanine lenders offer the company the desired funds and do not require collateral.

Since, the risk here is more, the expected return seeking of the mezzanine lenders too remains high.