India's leading platform for Alternative Investment & Portfolio Management Services

India's leading platform for Alternative Investment & Portfolio Management Services

What We Do?

We Are A Multi-Asset Alternative Investment Company, Our Core Services Include: Alternative Investment Funds (I,II,III) Portfolio Management Distribution Services, Mutual Funds Distribution Services, Pre IPO’S, Money Lender Services, Equity Market Training and Real Estate Investments Services. 

Alternative Investment Funds (AIF)

An Alternative Investment Fund or AIF is a confidential pooled investment vehicle developed or registered in India that pools assets from professional investors, whether Indian or global.

Portfolio Management Services (PMS)

Portfolio Management Services (PMS) refers to an investment portfolio of equities, fixed income, cash, debt structured products and other individual assets managed by a professional money manager.

Mutual Funds

A mutual fund is a financial vehicle that pools shareholders' assets to invest in securities such as stocks, bonds, money market instruments and other assets.

Real estate

We also deal in property across prime regions in India we are registered to deal in real estate segment.

Why Choose Us

Our approach allows the client to obtain a constant return in all market conditions while respecting the values ​​of professionalism, transparency and security and using innovative investment methods with low risk.


Our Vision as a company focuses on helping others achieve their financial goals as well as understanding each client's unique purpose, mission and values. 


Our Mission is to Plan investments with the sole motive of helping clients achieve a secure and peaceful retirement that maintains the quality of life they desire. 

Reason For Choosing Us

Decision-Making Ability

We Know the Inherent Risk

Analytical Investment Solutions

Best Goal Setting


return on investment


Client satisfaction


goals achieved

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