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Ambit is one of the most trusted trade brokers and financiers in India. Our goal is to provide cost-effective solutions that are tailored to meet your requirements. It is primarily based on in-depth experience, unparalleled research and a client-focused approach to the forces of the Indian economic system and markets. Our entrepreneurial acumen provides the ability to see the big picture and identify the factors that affect your business. Through smart decisions and actions, we can drive sustainable growth by increasing long-term profitability for our customers and ourselves.


The initial goal is to make a profit, while the bigger goal is to manage withdrawals because they believe in the successful execution of the second to achieve the first.

The investment horizon is for 1-3 years and longer. Average turnover is 15-20%

Ambit gives good returns:

solid filter

Experienced team and in-depth research

Focus on growth and quality

Risk management.

Good and clean strategies include:

Process-Oriented Approach - The scope follows a pre-designed framework to measure the quality of accounting and the efficiency of capital allocation. It is then evaluated using a bottom-up approach.

Long-term outlook and low fade - 3-5 years or even longer investment with no more than 15-20% downtime per year.

Dip – This strategy is designed to achieve long-term gains and dips during stock market downturns.

Year of Inception 2015
Number of Stocks
Investment Horizon
3 Years
Fund Managers
Aishvarya Dadheech

Unique Feature

Their latest research suggests that, in addition to a firm’s own competitive advantage, the following three elements are necessary for a firm to consistently outperform:

clean accounting

Conservative Capital Allocation.

Lack of good governance and political coherence.

clean accounting

Since November 2010, the top 60% of BSE500 stocks have outperformed the bottom 40%, up 12% year-on-year.
conservative capital allocation

Aggressive capital allocation practices of Indian companies are most costly to their owners.

Lack of good governance and political coherence.

Political ties are rarely a major competitive advantage for Indian companies.

Investment Philosophy

It classifies the company as a clean company without political affiliation, but with a high degree of corporate governance, a high degree of responsibility, a high degree of honesty towards entrepreneurs, uncompromising ethical principles, not connected to a political party and not connected to bureaucracy.

In contrast, Ambit Good & Clean rated companies as outstanding based on the company’s concentrated capital allocation, high return on equity, high return on invested capital, business monopoly, high profits and strong cash flows.

A forensic accounting system defines good accounting.

In contrast, the size range identifies companies with sustainable growth potential, resulting in a concentrated portfolio of 15-16 stocks. And exchange assets with productivity below 15-20% and maximum 2-3 per year.

How do we achieve this?

  • The result of good performance is a good risk-adjusted return characterized by:

    solid filter
    Each product is built on a framework that has been thoroughly researched and tested to create a world of investment. Long-term high-performance standards greatly reduce the chance of bad or low-quality companies entering the investment arena. Corporate governance and high accounting standards will not be affected.
  • Experienced team and in-depth research
    A dedicated and knowledgeable research team All investment decisions are subject to approval by an investment committee inspired by IE Research. Benefits of being part of a larger group Focus on what’s important and knowable.
  • Focus on earnings growth and earnings quality
    Reduce time stress by investing in top-tier companies. We focus on companies with good adaptation and a strong management history. The industry’s past performance and future potential, given its current management capabilities, are consistent with the ease with which large profits can be made.
  • Risk management
    Concentrated portfolios provide the best returns as returns do not exceed the average. Long-term low-volatility organizations suffered less of a downturn as the secular sector performed well and consolidated power.

Investment Process

Invest in (a) good companies based on their capital allocation history and degree of improvement in financial performance over the past six years, and (b) clean companies based on the accuracy of their financial statements and corporate governance.

Focusing on the “good” can increase growth, while maintaining “clean” standards avoids downside risks. While the main goal is to make a profit, optimizing cost management is more important, as implementing the latter is critical to achieving the former.

Our proprietary ‘excellence’ approach helps Ambit identify effective capital allocators and develop a comprehensive strategy for sustainable growth. In contrast, our “forensic” structure helps exclude companies with low-quality accounts.

The result is a portfolio of 15-20 stocks with low turnover (more than 15-20% of the portfolio turns into 2-3 exchanges every year), which attracts less money from the market during downturns.

fund managers

Manish Jain

Fund Manager, Coffee Can PMS

Manish Jain holds a CFA (USA) and Masters in Human Resource Management and Development from Symbiosis Centre, Pune and is currently working with Ambit Investment Advisors as a Fund Manager for Coffee Pot PMS. He was a principal analyst for consumer goods, durables and retail at Nomura. Manish has extensive experience in equity analysis and has worked for ten years at institutions such as Motilal Oswal, Lehman Brothers, Enam Securities and ICICI Securities. Due to his dedication and love for research, Capital World ADIA has named him the best analyst in its research team for the past four years. Coffee Can PMS delivers the best performance under the excellent leadership of Manish Jain.

Manish Jain

Fund Manager at Ambit Investment Advisors

Aishvarya Dadheech

Director & Fund Manager, Ambit Investment Advisors Private Limited

Aishvarya manages Ambit Good & Clean Midcap Portfolio and Ambit Emerging Giants from Ambit Asset Management. He has over 13 years of experience in investment and stock analysis. Before joining Asset Management, he was Vice President of the company’s Core Investments division, where he managed Ambit’s shareholder funds. Before joining Ambit’s chief investment arm in 2017, Echvarria was an equity fund manager at Reliance Life Insurance for seven years. He is part of an investment team that manages $2.5 billion in assets. He also worked for CRISIL Limited (Standard & Poor’s) for three years as an equity and credit analyst. Aishvarya is CPA and CFA® certified. St. He holds an MBA in Finance and a BA in Accounting from Xavier College, Calcutta.

Aishvarya Dadheech

Director & Fund Manager, Ambit Investment Advisors Private Limited

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