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Edelweiss Rubic PMS

About Company

Investing is all about finding someone you can put your faith in to solve your concerns.
We exist to help you discover solutions.
We are one of India’s newest and fastest-growing asset management firms and a proud part of the Edelweiss Group. We believe in listening to you, understanding your issues, and then providing answers. We believe in accomplishing something that will last a lifetime. The company has its value which includes We are about customers. You first, simple. We take care of our biggest asset – our people. We love our team. We go above and beyond to solve your problems and build solutions for you. We’re open and transparent in our communication. We say it like it is, no mumbo jumbo. We manage your hard-earned money with care and honesty. Technology should make your life easier. And we make that happen.

Fund Snapshot

Year of Inception 2018
Number of Stocks 25
Investment Horizon 3-5 Years
Fund Managers Sahil Shah

Unique Feature

A portfolio of multi-cap stocks aiming to generate returns higher than the index based on the promoter’s stake in the stock. 

Investment Philosophy

Promoter buying is a perfect signal of future share price performance. Build a portfolio of multi-cap companies where promoters are gradually increasing their stakes (promoter alignment); then eliminate companies with a poor financial track record and assess them on quality of business, valuation, and corporate governance.