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Master Portfolio – Vallum India Discovery

About Company

Vallum Capital Advisors provides institutions, family offices, and high-net-worth individuals with bespoke, conflict-free equity investing solutions. We are a privately held, independent firm that acts as an adviser and champion for our clients, with complete discretionary management. On both sides of the investing relationship, hands-on experience. Vallum Investment Team members have worked as asset managers, portfolio managers, and investment research analysts in the past. We understand what it takes to properly manage money. Every customer relationship benefits from our experience. A committed squad.
We all know that the sum of the parts is larger than the whole when it comes to team strength. Ours is a collaborative culture where people exchange information and ideas and work together to ensure that each client gets the most out of their experience. the breadth and depth of our combined experience, common knowledge, and client service culture Risk-oriented. Vallum focuses on long-term wealth generation and capital preservation. Our broad expertise, analytical acumen, and complete grasp of risk enable us to assess the entire scope of the real risks that stock investors confront and design effective solutions to mitigate them. Experts in portfolio management
Vallum has a track record of making successful investments in the equities asset class. Expertise outside of the typical stock mutual fund style has become a significant aspect in enhancing investment performance as more investors look to Portfolio Management’s ability to improve portfolio performance and minimize portfolio volatility.

Fund Snapshot

Year of Inception 2011
Number of Stocks 20
Investment Horizon Long term

Unique Feature

A midcap-focussed portfolio of specialized financial services companies


Investment Philosophy

  • Vallum India Discovery portfolio aims to be cautious and engage in excellent opportunities with a margin of protection.
  • The investment team of the master portfolio- Vallum India Discovery places the utmost emphasis on the long-term wealth formation and capital preservation goal.
  • With their ‘Growth At Fair Price’ investment style, Vallum India Discovery Master Portfolio plans to produce superior risk-adjusted returns.
  • This portfolio generally invests in companies with underutilized capacities and creative business models that result in increased market share and profit margins.