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NAFA Asset Managers Emerging Bluechip

About Company

NAFA Asset Managers is a boutique Investment Management Company. They begin Their new career with the team bringing diverse experiences and skill sets and a strong dedication to innovative investment management. When They continue to achieve results for Their clients, They recognize that Their people, ideas, and values allow them to do what They do by nurturing a climate where Their team and clients’ close ties are fostered.
They are constantly breaking new ground, striving to find the best solutions for Their investors’ sustainable returns according to their objectives. They at NAFA Asset Managers try to build, strengthen, and enhance Their meaningful relationships with a solid dedication to Their key partners through regular contact. They shall strive for long-term development as They continue to change, employing the principle “They grow together with Their clients.”
Their AIF provides a wide range of investment opportunities such as real estate, Insurance, marketing & business process outsourcing (BPO), consulting, financial advice, the automobile sector, and more. Nafa Asset Managers is the best investment company that provides AIF and Credit banking services to both private and public companies

Fund Snapshot

Year of Inception 2016
Number of Stocks 37
Investment Horizon Medium to Long Term
Fund Managers Mr. N Balaji Vaidyanath

SELECTION OF SECURITIES –   Our stock selection is based on the following criteria: strict bottom-up Investing Process -up Investing Process -up Investing Process -up overlaid with fundamental research an Excellent  -Macro view from the bottom. We examine stocks.  Against an internal structure that is both quantitative and qualitative. When it comes to quantitative screening,  We employ criteria like strong growth, high return on investment, high cash flow conversion, and cheap cost of capital leverage. In quantitative screening, we evaluate businesses based on their financial performance. Governance methods, promoter track records, and promoter share promises are all factors to consider. . Finally, we make use of a Valuation Methodology that entails To shortlist, a combination of science and art is used. equities that provide not simply a return on investment a tremendous potential for profit, and a sufficient margin of safety.

SELECTION OF BENCHMARKS-     The performance of the scheme is compared to a pre-determined Benchmark Index. A suitable benchmark will be chosen that is compatible with the investing approach and market capitalization category of the scheme, i.e. a Large Cap, Mid Cap, Small Cap, or Multi-Cap particular Benchmark Index.

ASSOCIATED RISKS –   We use a focused portfolio technique to create larger returns, but this comes at the cost of increased risk and volatility in returns. In the near term or during periods of heightened volatility, our buy-and-hold strategy may underperform the Benchmark. In the short to medium term, several Market Capitalization-based categories may underperform the overall market.

Investment Philosophy

  • The investment team of NAFA Asset Managers Emerging Bluechip believes in Quality Control, Return on Capital Employed (ROCE) greater than the Cost of Capital, and Growth at a Fair Cost
  • NAFA Asset Managers invest in small and mid-cap companies with efficient management that can scale up and expand exponentially over a 5 to 7-year period.