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SageOne Core Portfolio

About Company

sageone investment has been founded in the year 2012 and their cofounder is Mr. Samit Vartak, they offer investment management services through PMS and AIF. In today’s world, long, perilous groundwork is a very inefficient investment area, and it will continue to be so for the foreseeable future. From absolute growth to relative positioning, from immediate triggers to long-term moats, from top management to mid and ground-level employees, and from end-users to distribution channels and supply drivers, we aim to dive multi-level deeper in every facet of investment decision. When it comes to assessing the company’s long-term potential, this gives us an advantage over the competitors.

Fund Snapshot

Year of Inception 2009
Number of Stocks 15
Investment Horizon Medium Term
Fund Managers CFA Samit Vartak

Investment Philosophy

  • SageOne Core Portfolio looks for niche business leaders with earnings that are projected to rise at a rate of > 20% (CAGR) over the investment period of 3-5 years, driven by industry growth and market share gains from competition. The fund aims to perform significantly better than its competition during stressful times.
  • Throughout an economic cycle, they choose funds that can outperform the benchmark indices by at least 5% (annualized).