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TATA PMS Emerging Opportunities

TATA PMS Emerging Opportunities

Fund Snapshot

Year of Inception 2006
Number of Stocks 25-35
Investment Horizon NA
Fund Managers Danesh Mistry & Surjit Singh Arora

About the Company – Tata Asset Management Limited was founded in 1994 and has over 25 years of experience in investment management. Our roots may be traced back to the Tata Group, a well-known and internationally praised industrial conglomerate whose business philosophy has made our country and its people partners in the development of wealth. Among investors, colleagues, workers, and the community, our history inspires “trust.”

Though a rich history is something to be proud of, we also want to ensure that legacy is carried on through a set of well-defined and time-tested worldwide business standards. As one of India’s premier investment managers, we recognize that wealth management is just as vital as wealth generation.


Investment Approach-   Invest in emerging firms with a considerably wider potential set than the present size to generate capital appreciation Portfolio would be mostly mid-cap orientated with up to 30% allocation to large-caps.

Investment Philosophy

  • Increase capital appreciation thus taking on a higher level of risk.
  • Investment in new businesses that have a much greater opportunity range than they do now.
  • Mid-cap stocks will make up the majority of the portfolio, with large-cap stocks accounting for up to 30% of the total.